Yacht Club

Club Championships in Ideal 18

Club Championship -
Each year, those Club Members who have distinguished themselves during the prior year in their individual regattas such as Ladies sailing, Frostbite, Etchells, PHRF, Focus on Sailing, Twilight, Club Cruise, Vipers, and so on, are invited by the Fleet Captain to compete for the G. Gordon Fisher Trophy. This is a one-day event which uses the Club's Ideal-18 fleet.  

Higgins Trophy - An annual one-day match racing event using the Club's Ideal-18 fleet decides the winner of the Higgins Trophy.  Any Club member who signs up with the Fleet Captain is eligible. The racing can, but may not be umpired.  

Match Racing Regatta for the Higgins Cup

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Fleet Racing Regatta for the Fisher Trophy   

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