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Lorna Whittelsey Women's Regatta                                                                                              


Lorna Whittlesey Yachting Nov 1927                                        LWW Regatta 2014 MA Fisher                               

     2016 Lorna Whittelsey Women’s Regatta 

Indian Harbor Yacht Club
Greenwich, Connecticut 
Regatta:  Saturday and Sunday, September 10-11, 2016
Event Dinner:  Saturday, September 10, 1630


In our desire to promote friendly competition for women at the regional and national level, Indian Harbor Yacht Club inaugurated a perpetual trophy honoring Lorna Whittelsey (Hibberd) in 2014. Lorna Whittelsey won the US Sailing Championship  for the Adams Cup in 1927, 1928, 1930, 1931 and 1934 sailing under the IHYC burgee. As a married adult, she sailed out of American Yacht Club and owned the red Ideal 18, now in their fleet  (shown in the photo above) that bears her name. We look  forward to getting women on the water and celebrating with all at the event dinner.

The LWWR has been a fantastic event that continues to grow in the number of competitors and includes clubs from Long Island, Stonington and Nantucket.  We hope that the 3rd annual LWWR will continue to bring great competition and camaraderie.  We look forward to having additional clubs join us this year - not only for the sailing, but the event dinner which is open to non-competitors!  Come and share in the experience!

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Schedule of Events
Saturday, September 10th

Sunday, September 11th



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Competitors Meeting
Harbor Start 
First Warning
Event Dinner

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Awards will be presented shortly after racing ends

2016 Lorna Whittelsey Women's Regatta Winners
Left to right:  Vice Commodore Karin Nye, 2nd:  Cedar Point - Stephanie Swan, Amy Bullard Davies, 1st:  Noroton - Kate Morgan, Nicole Casey, 3rd: IHYC - Ruth Gretz, Lauren Toretta, LWWR Event Chair Karen Lau
Photo:  Roger van Loveren

2016 Slideshow
2016 Sailing News Article 


General Archive   

              •   David Hibberd - Reflections on his Mother, Lorna Whittlelsey 

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