Welcome to the Indian Harbor Model Yacht Club

The goal of sailing model yachts at Indian Harbor is to have fun on the water in the off season. We sail every other Sunday afternoon, weather permitting from 12-1:15 pm from the north docks. Our season runs from November to the end of May. Plus we have a number of off-season events throughout the summer off the east property including the coveted "Cutting Cup.

The Dragon Force radio controlled boat is the class we have decided to race. It is a very fast design that is easy to learn but challenging to master. Our model page is filled with links on how to purchase our boat, upgraded transmitter/receiver, custom sails and articles about our fun little boat.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or better yet come down one Sunday afternoon and join the fun! Your only risk is you may get hooked on a great new way to enjoy Indian Harbor.

John Cutting
Indian Harbor Model Yacht Club

Signing Up

To sign up for the group email list send a blank email to: [email protected] You will receive an automated response to confirm enrollment.

Buying What You Need

Purchasing a Dragon Force RG 85

Purchasing Sails

Information You May Need

Dragon Force Resource Center
International Information Site
Dragon Force Class Rules

Yacht Registry

  • #2 Assigned
  • #3 Phil McDonough
  • #4 Perry Robinson
  • #7 Talal Debs
  • #9 Ward Davol
  • #10 Brian Griffith
  • #12 James Fiore
  • #14 CC Cutting
  • #15 Brian Griffith
  • #19 Mark Pennington
  • #20 Brian Griffith
  • #22 Elizabeth Cutting
  • #23 John Fiore
  • #27 Mike Fiore
  • #33 Hale Holden
  • #42 George Hopley
  • #44 John Cutting
  • #55 Halsey Robinson
  • #88 John Killeen
  • #90 John Bainton
  • #95 David Ornstein
  • #99 Harrison/Aldo Pascarella
  • #195 Graham Ornstein