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Thanks and Farewell to Zeke!
Sailing Director for the past three years

Many of you have heard by now the news that our Sailing Director, Zeke Horowitz, will be taking up a new opportunity at North Sails.  In his time with Indian Harbor, Zeke has had a profound impact in supporting our Club's goals of getting more members out on the water and improving our overall skills at sailing and racing.

Zeke's versatility is remarkable.  He is equally skilled at instructing beginning sailors with passion and enthusiasm, as he is at coaching IHYC's Racing Team for a top national championship event.  I worked closely with him for the past several years, and like anyone else that knows him well, I couldn't help but be impressed by his maturity, clear communications and integrity.  He would never commit to anything that he wasn't 100% sure he could deliver on, and he always kept his commitments.  Zeke managed to balance this mature, even-keeled approach with a clear passion and energy regarding practically anything to do with sailing.

In fact, you can see that passion in these "best moments" listed below.  Instead of trying to do this myself, I asked Zeke directly what his favorite moments were from his time at Indian Harbor.  I think I caught him with his guard down, as he had no idea this would be printed in Sailing News (sorry Zeke ;-)! You can see how much he appreciates the full diversity of his experiences:

Some of Zeke's "Best Moments" at Indian Harbor:

Seeing the first ever "fun-gatta" spring to life and take off with so much participation.

2. Doing the "delivery" with Commodore Risher and company on Eagle to AYC for the Commodore's Cup.

3.  Watching Christine D'Amico win her first Twilight Ideal 18 race.

4.  Seeing our ICQS team perform in Newport this fall after working tirelessly to figure out how they needed to set the tuning.

5.  Seeing the team race team in New Orleans last winter for the first big travel event (and overall seeing how much enthusiasm and growth there has been on the team racing front).

6.  Dustin and I towing 8 Ideals in a perfectly straight line to AYC and me driving the line behind Sachem straight through their mooring field and docking the whole rig perfectly on the junior dock!

7.   All of the countless thanks I have gotten for helping to inspire sailing in so many FOSers' lives.

8.  Having dinner with the team in Newport this fall at the ICQS and listening to your kind words about everyone sitting around the table.

9. Winning the BHC Invitational with Carolyn Driscoll.

10. Watching as divisions 1,2, and 3, all sailed straight through the Ideal 18 course on a Wednesday night and hearing Roger Van Loveren screaming "starboard" at a J109 from his Ideal 18.

I am sure we could all help Zeke to recollect hundreds more GREAT moments!  Please take a moment to send Zeke your thanks and to perhaps mention another shared moment!  His IHYC email ( will work through year-end.

Zeke, on behalf of the Flags, the Board of Directors, your fellow staff members, and all the Indian Harbor Yacht Club members that you helped, THANK YOU for the past three years. We wish you all the best in your new endeavors and look forward to seeing you visit IHYC many times in the near future!