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FOS Kicks Off its 25th Season!


Our season is off to a great start and May has ushered in “sporty” winds (as Sailing Director Elizabeth likes to call them), along with a robust round of well-attended events for Focus On Sailing.  

The first three-day Beginner Clinic, that began on May 10th, revealed Elizabeth’s strong skills as an instructor and many things we didn’t know. For instance, did you know she has recorded 50,000 miles of off-shore sail boat racing and deliveries? From big boat racing to ideal 18 instruction, Elizabeth shines. Her excellent instruction, combined with hardy May winds has helped bring learning to sail to a new level. Starting with Friday night’s basic instruction over dinner and cocktails…to Saturday’s “just do it” approach on the water…and Sunday’s tacking & gybing drills. The weekend gave our 2019 FOS beginners a full understanding of points of sail to tacking & gybing…and got them fully acquainted with the IHYC menus.    

Our FOS Beginner Clinic participants using all conditions to learn new skills. Here participants are seen learning to hook up in a long tow formation.

Each full day saw a well-attended lunch by all. Whether you need a refresher or are a beginner, we invite you to join us as an FOS member at the next three-session Beginner Clinic training which starts Friday evening June 21st from 6-9pm.  

The first night of the Women on the Water (WOW) Supper Series, hosted by IHYC on Tuesday, May 21st and organized by Ariadne Spahr, was likely one of the most competitive ever! Steady winds of approximately 12 knots, gusting up to 18, provided a stellar regatta for this normally mild event. Neighboring clubs were thrilled with the “sporty” conditions and competition, which was followed by the magical dinner on the seawall and a debrief by Elizabeth, leaving all stronger sailors! Talk of “can’t wait for the Lorna weekend to be held on Sept 28 & 29th” rounded out a fun-filled evening. We couldn’t have had better conditions for catching up with old friends and making new ones. The WOW Supper Series Finale, with IHYC hosting both the East and West clubs, is on Tuesday, July 9th, and we encourage you to join… if even just for on-the-water spectating and dinner.
The Sunday of Memorial Day weekend saw an impromptu starting drills session run by Elizabeth and organized by Karen Lau, as practice for the Morgan Cup women’s regatta to be held at IHYC on June 2nd. Steady winds and tough gusts, combined with Elizabeth’s unique starting drills, left participants feeling like they had sailed a full regatta that day with lessons learned that should position all to be more competitive going forward. Of course, the debrief lunch following was quite festive with sailing tips for all and a new debut refreshment called the “Bright & Sunny” (v. Dark & Stormy).  

On Memorial Day, some FOSers attended the beautiful Memorial Day services, followed by a fun Memorial Day Ideal sail around the harbor with family and friends. With “ideal” sailing conditions of around 7-10 knots, it was a perfect and special morning of sailing with friends, followed by light lunch on the West porch before heading down to the BBQ later that day. Thinking we must put this on the calendar for next year!