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The Meaning of Decommissioning

What is Decommissioning? Good question.  We commission the club every spring, much as you would commission your yacht.  That is to say, we get her ready for the season and launch her.  We treat the club the same way, and the Spring ceremony is our way of saying all systems have been made ready, let's get underway.  We never had a decommissioning ceremony until Don Rotzien became Commodore.  Don wondered how you could commission something that had never been "de-commissioned."  He saw it as an opportunity to not only put the club away for the season ( we don't do colors after decommissioning, for example), but also to have a little reflective ceremony on the season past. The emphasis on Decommissioning has varied from Commodore to Commodore.  I used it as an excuse for a storytelling party and would select members to come give a 15-minute recap of a notable summer, over a nice dinner at the club.  We had everyone from George David to Val and Cliff Storms to give a short presentation on their boats and their seasons. It was a lot of fun.  Others have chosen to forego the changeover entirely, finding it "depressing."