Indian Harbor has a proud tradition of supporting women's sailing. In 1927, Lorna Whittelsey won the first of her five Adam's Trophies . Since that time other women have excelled including Marie Curry and Barbara Hogan, the first women to compete as skippers in organized team racing in Bermuda; Betty Foulk who won the Adams Trophy in 1967 with club mates, Dorothy Preston, Sue Ann Shay and Sue Whitmor,and Carolyn Nye, daughter, granddaughter and great granddaughter respectively of Commodores Karin, Richard B. and Richard S. Nye who, in 2008, was inducted into the Collegiate Sailing Hall of Fame.

Women's Sailing Program Women's Sunfish Sailing

Women's Sailing Program

The Women's Sailing Program at Indian Harbor is all about getting women out on the water, meeting other IHYC women, and improving one's overall IHYC experience. Whether you used to sail, are currently sailing, or watched from ashore and always wanted to give it a try, the Women's Sailing Program will give women the opportunity to go sailing. There will be learning sessions and racing clinics, Women's Sail-Around-Sundays, casual no-spinnaker supper series with other clubs and women's racing events on Long Island Sound plus introductions into big boat sailing. It's also a great way to learn about what's going on, both socially and sailingly :-) at IHYC.

Lorna Whittelsey Women's Regatta Weekend

In 2014, then Rear Commodore Karin Nye inaugurated the Lorna Whittelsey Women's Regatta to promote 2 days of competition for women Ideal 18 sailors, with spinnakers, and a Saturday event dinner to promote camaraderie for all women sailing supporters.  In 2018, the format changed to a 1-day regatta for the perpetual trophy on Saturday and a single morning distance race course around dropped, fixed Captain Harbor racing or government marks. The Saturday Event Dinner and the added Sunday Brunch, which follow the day's racing, are open to all members and supporters to join in the festivities and awards.  The Regatta is a qualifier for the YRALIS Andrea Watson Trophy, which awards the top finisher of the Queens Cup, Gillespie, Mendez, and Lorna women's regattas.

The Lorna Weekend is held the last weekend of September. More information can be found here.


The Morgan Trophy

In 1964, the trophy donated by Commodore Henry Sturgis Morgan, the co-founder of Morgan Stanley, was designated “The Morgan Cup” by the Board of Trustees of the Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club. The Cup promotes the racing of small sailing yachts by women of the following, but not limited to, yacht clubs: Seawanhaka Corinthian, Cold Spring Harbor Beach, Indian Harbor, American and Manhasset Bay. The annual event rotates between the clubs and the Cup is awarded to the winning club team. The hosting club selects the date, boat time preferably with spinnakers, and the length and type of fleet race course to be sailed, with no more than 3 races.

2019 article:  IHYC Wins Back The Morgan Cup on its 55th Anniversary

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Women's Interclub Supper Series and Finals

Women's Supper Series

The Women's Supper Series started under Tim Johnson, IHYC Sailing Director in the 1990's to foster interclub sailing among western Long Island Sound clubs:  Current participating clubs include Indian Harbor, Riverside, American, Larchmont and Old Greenwich. Clubs enter two teams of two women.  Racing is non-spinnaker.  Following the racing, each club hosts a racing debrief and dinner. The event allows for the women in the area to get to know each other and share sailing experiences.

Women's Interclub Supper Series Finals

In 2013, at the winter women's sailing program leaders' meeting at the Pequot Yacht Club, it was discovered that the Eastern District had followed the Western's Supper Series and it was decided to hold a Finals combining the two groups.  Where should we initiate the event?  Alix Hahn from American Yacht Club said to Karen Lau, "Indian Harbor Yacht Club, because you guys have the best food!"  So it was decided to inaugurate a Finals event the second Tuesday in July, and to include more than just sailors by offering spectator boats and a "supper" to all supporters of women's sailing.

WOW Supper Series 2019 Calendar

Indian Harbor:
Old Greenwich:
Indian Harbor:
Tuesday, May 21
Wednesday, May 29
Tuesday, June 4
Wednesday, June 12
Tuesday, June 25
Tuesday, July 9


Ladies Sunfish Sailing

Open to all women members, Ladies Sunfish sailing takes place every Tuesday beginning in June and ending in August. The ladies meet on the West porch at noon to lunch, then spend the afternoon racing until approximately 4pm. Libation and camaraderie follow at our namesake bar - where afternoon races (and everything else!) are discussed. Old salts and new can join a variety of Sunfish events that are fun and good exercise. For those interested, club boats are available: remember: you're the captain and the crew!